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Xiaoning Li

Handmade Origami Jewelry

Born in Beijing, China. Grew up in the crazy time of “Cultural Revolution“. During that time, almost everything beautiful was destroyed and everybody wore the same boring blue pants and shirts. 

    I remember being a young child I was drawn to candy wrappers because of the pretty design on some of them.  I’d wash the paper and dry them flat on table tops, and later keep them in a book between the pages. 

I believe no matter how harsh one’s living conditions is the desire for beauty is always there.

    The fun of making origami earrings started one Christmas several years ago. I didn’t want to buy things 

for friends and family but to make some gifts myself.  The idea came out of the blue so I started trying to 

fold the only thing I knew: the paper crane.  When I went to the bead store to get some beads the owner 

was shocked that I knew nothing about jewelry making.  But with practice I got better at my skills and 

now I have gifts to share with the world.

    Every pair of these earrings was created and uniquely handmade by me with love.