"Her store and customer service is over the charts!!! She designed gorgeous invitations & announcements for both my son and my husband."


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"Love the warm atmosphere and supporting locally owned business is always a PLUS!"


"What makes her so talented is she truly cares, she is much more than a designer and is always willing to help and make someone feel welcome."


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"Wonderful store!!! You must visit, shop and spend. I don’t see how you can’t."


"We put 100% trust in Norri for our projects and you bet she didn't disappoint us!"



"This sweet shop is the physical manifestation of the beauty, style, creativity, and generosity that radiate from Norri herself."


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"I can't say enough about my amazing experience working with byNorri, and Norri herself -- she's an experience design MacGyver."


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"Norri is very personable and professional. Her flair is beautiful... it is such a pleasure to go to her shop! Very creative and unique and lovely."


"There are a variety of unique items and many local artists featured there that are definitely worth checking out."



728 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210 

Tel (971) 319 – 0136

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