In highly figured Hawaiian Koa wood with chrome finish.
This pen was hand turned on a vintage wood lathe in Portland Oregon. Hold this pen in the sunlight and slowly turn to see the unique “figure” or patterning due to the grain and cut of the wood.

Koa only grows in Hawaii and is sourced from excess end-cuts from a local distributor in Portland.
The sporty accent strips are made from laminated repurposed plastic industrial waste.


Use Parker style ballpoint or gel refills.

Hexagonal Click

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$111.20Sale Price
  • Store your ballpoint or rollerball pen with the cap on to protect the refill from drying out when the pen is not in use. 

    Placing your pen into a pen case or pouch will protect the pen from being scratched, keeping the finish looking new. 

    When flying, store your pen with the writing point upright when not in use. Ensure that either a full refill is inserted or the existing refill is removed prior to the flight. 


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